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At Chiles Co, we’ve seen many different aspects to data and digital transformation from media companies to financial services. Our expertise can help you with the focus to transform your business. We’re introducing data service packages to meet your specific needs on a monthly basis.

Data Solution Packages

Starter Package:
Essential Data Engineering Solutions

Initial Consultation and Assessment:
  • Initial meeting to understand client needs.
  • Basic assessment of current data infrastructure and strategy.
Basic Data Workflow Setup:
  • Setting up simple workflows using Dig, YAML, or Python.
  • Basic data ingestion from one or two sources (e.g., SFTP or Native connections).
Data Unification Basics:
  • Standardization and deduplication of data from selected sources.
  • Development of a basic unified data structure.
Introductory Training and Documentation:
  • A single training session on managing and utilizing the set-up workflows.
  • Provision of basic documentation for future reference.
Limited Project Management Support:
  • Use of ClickUp for project tracking.
  • Weekly check-ins for project status and alignment.
Basic Reporting and Insights:
  • Creating simple reports or dashboards for data visualization.
  • Basic insights generation from unified data.
Customer Support:
  • Email support with a 48-hour response time.
  • Monthly review call to discuss project progress and any issues.
Package Benefits:
  • Affordability: Tailored for businesses needing essential data engineering services at a budget-friendly cost.
  • Foundation Building: Establishes the groundwork for more advanced data engineering and analytics.
  • Scalability: Offers a starting point that can be built upon as the client’s needs grow.
Ideal for:
  • Small businesses or startups with basic data engineering needs.
  • Companies looking to start small and scale their data infrastructure over time.
  • Clients requiring initial guidance and set-up for data workflows and unification.

Professional Package: Advanced Data Engineering and Analytics

Comprehensive Data Strategy Consultation:
  • In-depth analysis of the client’s data infrastructure, strategy, and goals.
  • Recommendations for optimization and scaling.
Enhanced Data Workflow and Integration:
  • Advanced workflows using Dig, YAML, and Python.
  • Integration of multiple data sources (more than two) including complex API connections.
  • Custom workflow development for specific client needs.
Data Unification and Management:
  • Advanced standardization, deduplication, and unification processes.
  • Creation of a more comprehensive unified profile database.
  • Implementation of data quality management practices.
Training and Empowerment:
  • Multiple training sessions covering advanced aspects of data management and tool utilization.
  • Customized documentation and how-to guides for client-specific setups.
Project Management and Collaboration:
  • Enhanced use of ClickUp for detailed project tracking and management.
  • Bi-weekly strategy and progress meetings.
  • Collaboration with client teams for alignment and efficiency.
Business Intelligence and Reporting:
  • Development of complex reports and dynamic dashboards.
  • Data-driven insights and recommendations for business decisions.
Customer Support and Review:
  • Priority email and phone support with a 24-hour response time.
  • Bi-monthly review and strategy calls.
Custom Activations and Segmentations:
  • Custom audience segmentations using Treasure Data’s Audience Studio.
  • Setup of automated customer journey orchestrations.
Package Benefits:
  • Comprehensive Data Solutions: Advanced services for more complex data needs.
  • Business Intelligence: Enhanced focus on analytics and insights to drive business decisions.
  • Strategic Growth: Tailored to support and drive the client’s growth objectives.
Ideal for:
  • Medium-sized businesses or rapidly growing startups.
  • Companies with diverse data sources and complex integration requirements.
  • Organizations seeking to leverage data for strategic decisions and marketing automation.

Premium Package: Comprehensive Data Engineering and Analytics

Strategic Data Engineering Consultation:
  • Ongoing consultation with senior data engineers.
  • Strategic planning sessions for long-term data infrastructure and analytics goals.
Full-Scale Data Engineering and Integration:
  • Comprehensive data workflows, including advanced Dig, YAML, and Python solutions.
  • Integration with an extensive range of data sources and complex systems.
  • Custom-built data pipelines for high-volume data processing.
Advanced Data Unification and Management:
  • Sophisticated standardization, deduplication, and unification for large-scale datasets.
  • Development and maintenance of a robust unified profile database.
  • Implementation of cutting-edge data quality and governance practices.
Tailored Training and Empowerment Program:
  • Series of personalized training sessions for different levels of client staff.
  • Detailed, bespoke documentation and knowledge transfer.
Comprehensive Project Management:
  • Dedicated project manager for ongoing coordination and support.
  • Weekly strategy, progress, and alignment meetings.
  • Customized project tracking and reporting using ClickUp.
Advanced Business Intelligence and Analytics:
  • Development of sophisticated reporting systems and interactive dashboards.
  • Deep data-driven insights with predictive analytics and machine learning models.
  • Regular analytics reviews and actionable strategic recommendations.
Priority Customer Support and Strategic Review:
  • Direct access to a dedicated support team with immediate response.
  • Monthly executive-level review and strategy sessions.
Custom Activations and Advanced Segmentations:
  • Development of highly customized audience segments.
  • Implementation of complex automated customer journey orchestrations.
  • Integration with advanced marketing platforms for targeted campaigns.
Exclusive Services:
  • Early access to new tools and methodologies.
  • Option for on-site consultations and workshops.
Package Benefits:
  • End-to-End Data Solutions: Comprehensive services covering all aspects of data engineering and analytics.
  • Exclusive Access and Support: Highest level of support and access to the latest tools and techniques.
  • Strategic Business Partner: Acting as a strategic partner in the client’s data-driven growth journey.
Ideal for:
  • Large corporations or enterprises with complex data ecosystems.
  • Companies requiring in-depth, strategic data analysis and decision-making support.
  • Clients who value a close, ongoing partnership for their data and analytics needs.

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